Megga Hair ensures that only the highest quality products are used. We choose to use products from Global Keratin and ZenzTherapy Alternative to Hairwear.

Global Keratin with Juvexin™

New to our product range is the hair taming system by Global Keratin which smoothes, repairs and reconditions virgin and damaged hair.

keratin with juvexin

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We carry stock of JUUCE hair products for thirsty hair. A great range of cleansing products for all hair types including styling and finishing products and waxxes.

Juuce Hair Products


Restorative Repair Treatment

This service is specifically designed for hair that has been severely damaged by chemical processing and stripped of its natural moisture and elasticity. Repair luster to sun-ravaged hair with this nutrient rich treatment. The results are instant and outstanding and will leave hair hydrated with a lightweight, silky texture. A perfect 10-minute treatment to do while waiting for your mani/pedi to dry. Ask for the Restorative Repair Treatment next time you book an appointment.

moroccanoil restorative repair treatment

Zenz Therapy Alternative Colour

A Clean Approach – Safest colour in the world! No ammonia!

ZenzTherapy Alternative Color is a clean and innovative coloring system created without Ammonia, without p-para phenylindiamine (pPD) and without Resorcinol. Offering a soft organic alternative andis the cleanest colour on the planet.

ZenzTherapy Alternative color respects to the highest degree, the hair, skin and scalp making it safe and consistent in its ability to perform for both the colorist and client.

ZenzTherapy Alternative Color is based on vegetable extract of NONI and Jojoba delivering ancient remedy of healing properties such as highly moisturizing, effective hydrating and highly restructuring due to its unique anti-oxidant properties making it. The ultimate in hair color choice taking care for both the inner and outer environments.

Visit the ZenzTherapy website for more information.