Global Keratin

Improves Hair Quality
improves hair quality
it just keeps getting better with every treatment.

Lasts Up to 4 months

lasts up to 4 months
with optimal washing just once a week, GKT lasts and lasts.

Stays Straight After Rain

stays smooth after rain
don’t worry about the weather
with GKT’s long-lasting shine and smoothness.

Blow Dry Versatility

blow wave versatility
blow wave a new style
then simply wash to return to original smooth hair.

Remains Frizz Free

remains frizz free
remains frizz free after exposure to any form
of moisture.


A New Revolution

  • Experience the next revolution in hairdressing
  • Endorsed by Akon Konizi British Hairdresser of the year 2008 and 2009
  • There has been nothing like this in the indistry for the past 30 years
  • Featured on A Current Affair, who felt the treatment was so revolutionary it was worth covering on prime time national TV
  • NOT a chemical straightener and does not alter the hair structure. It is applied to the whole length of hair on every application
  • This treatment represents a fundamental shift in the way hair is treated. It is based on Keratin, being the natural protein that is found in hair and nails

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Global Keratin Hair Taming System – With Juvexin

The new Global Keratin Hair Taming System now contains the best and most beneficial keratin proteins that nature can offer. It’s called Juvexin™. And what’s more – it’s a world wide exclusive to Global Keratin™ products. Juvexin™ infuses Functional Keratin™, hair’s natural ingredient, deep into the hair cuticle to achieve radical shine and smoothness for healthy, revitalised hair. And unlike other brands, Juvexin™ does not contain hydrolised keratin, the process of hydolisation breaks down and destroys the natural amino acids and proteins in the keratin. The Juxexin™ effect is frizz-free, bouncy and radiant hair. And that’s why everyone can benefit from Global Keratin Hair Taming System, even overprocessed and chemically damaged hair.

In fact, the more damaged the better. It deeply reconditions, repairs and protects against UV and environmental damage. The immediate result is soft, shiny,
healthy and luxurious – and unlike other chemical treatments and relaxers, can be used on coloured or chemically straightened hair.

GKT is not permanent, can be washed out if desired. It can even be used over previous GK Treatments, leaving hair in better condition after each successive application. The GK Treatment is more  natural looking as the hair is not made pin straight – it still has body and bounce – and lasts up to 4 months, eventually washing out.

The treatment eradicates unsightly frizz and maximizes shine, whilst nourishing and boosting condition. Your hair is always left feeling soft and smooth with
stunning results, which are visible immediately after the treatment. Unmanageable hair nightmares are now a thing of the past!

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